A sharknado

Our two days of diving at Roca Partida were incredible. Incredibly sharky. A sharknado. With so many different types of sharks it was hard to choose but the group favorite seemed to be the elegant, graceful silver tips. The dolphins did not disappoint either. On several dives, they put on a full show for the divers posing and preening for pictures and video. It was hard not to follow them down too deep.
The fish life is extraordinary. Tons of HUGE (as Donald Trump would say) Jacks and beautiful schools of orangeside triggerfish, a big fat $10,000 tuna or two, Wahoo, spiny puffers and so many more.
As we make our way this evening back to San Benedicto, we would like to thank Roca Partida for all her beautiful gifts she shared with us. Oh and thank you as well to the captain and crew who made it all possible.

By Nautilus Staff

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