Word from Lovely but Overcast Roca Partida

This is Mike from Mike’s Dive Club in lovely but rather overcast Roca Partida.  Highlight of the day was one group spotting a pod of False Killer Whales.  We saw the occasional Hammerhead and Galapagos Shark, as well as several Mantas that circled around the divers.  Large schools of Wahoo and Tuna are swimming around the rock.  Many divers got great close up videos and pictures of Mantas.  Current is exceptionally strong today; as a result, a couple groups in the afternoon dives were carried far from the rock during safety stops, so we are only diving here for today.  This evening, under the watchful care of Captain Gordon, we are moving to San Benedicto overnight and will be ready to go in the new location.  All will sleep well because we ate the biggest hamburgers we have ever seen — cooked by the talented Chefs Marco and Luca.

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