Swooping in and out

The 1st dive of the day was tough, a little current combined with surge makes for a lot of kicking. Thankfully the 2nd dive was a lot better, the current changed direction and slowed down, and we didn’t have to swim as much because we had 3 beautiful, friendly mantas swooping in and out of the group. We know we shouldn’t touch the mantas but they make it difficult by swimming so close to the divers, they actually bump into us, providing for some great close up shots. The hammerheads have been really shy today but lets see what the 3rd dive brings.
Third dive: visibility is about 2 Meters the current is going better, but we saw 1 hammerhead…. I’m happy!
Fourth dive: more hammerheads…….. 🙂
A lot of white tip sharks passing – visibility perfectly again.

By Nautilus Staff

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