Manta Galore!

Ok, last day! After having a mega super duper blast at Roca Partida on days 2 and 3, diving with dolphins, galapagos and hammerhead sharks, silkies,  hundreds of whitetips, and dozens of giant manta rays…. yesterday the highlight at Isla Socorro was the crazy night snorkeling with the silky sharks. A real kicker! A dozen or so quite large silkies, even a dolphin, in less than half a meters reach, some even bumping into us snorkelers and making physical contact, while they were hunting flying fish around the boats platform, which were again attracted by the plankton and the light… Today last day, topping it off with another day at San Benedicto…this morning tiger sharks, hammerheads and mantas were seen…and in the afternoon it’s total manta galore at the magic rock underneath the ocean surface, the “Boiler”. We will be very sad tonight that a worldclass diving trip is coming to its end, but glad we had the priviledge to have taken part, and it’s certain that this perfect trip will stay in our memory and minds forever. Thank you Mike, and thanks team Nautilus! Not only the stuff underwater, but also the enthusiastic and professional crew, just like the overall service and pampering level on deck,  is truly amazing and world class. We will be back!

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