Soon enough from under the cages shadows would appear…

I am just finishing my first season in the Socorro Archipelago where we have had whale sharks, countless encounters with giant mantas, gregarious bottle nosed dolphins, schooling Galapagos, Silky, and Hammerhead sharks and occasionally tiger sharks. However, in the back of my mind I know that when the Socorro season ends our next stop is the off shore island of Guadalupe. I only had three charters before the end of the Great White Shark. I knew I couldn’t wait to be lowered down again into the seemingly bottomless ocean while in the cages. Looking down from inside the cages, the sun pierces the azure water creating dancing shafts of light as though a sapphire gem reflect the light itself.  Soon large schools of yellowtail circle around the cages, then massive yellowfin tuna would come to view like a streaking torpedo. Soon enough from under the cages shadows would appear. Outlines of behemoths begin to circle below and slowly moving upward to investigate the cages. I recall the first white shark that I ever saw was about 13 feet long. It’s hard to compare something of that size but you never forget it. You stop for a moment to comprehend the animal in front of you then you become aware of how regal and captivating they are. The big black eye looks at you. Being 2 or 3 feet away for a white shark is something you never forget. I can’t wait until we reach Guadalupe again and share the experience with all of our new guests and share memories with previous Nautilus white shark divers again. See you in September!!!

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