It was a good spot!

As we arrive I see steep cliffs overlooking a ridge which extends into the sea.  The swells are large enough to create white water as the swells become waves and crash across the rocks.  We enter the water in the calm cove below the cliffs and are met by a wall that extends down to about 100ft.  There are colorful little puffer fish and Señorita fish exploring the wall.  At a distance of about 30ft a silky shark cruises about alway waiting for me to stop watching.  Each time I look away I feel his presence as he turns and gets closer.  Each time I turn hoping to capture an image, he turns tail and denies me his image.
We continue along the wall toward the ridge which extends to the depths beyond our view.  The ridge it turns out is the merging of currents and swell which challenge the divers ability to hold position and avoid being swept away from the group.  As I pull myself into a protected hole I see white tip reef sharks laying at rest.  I try not to disturb them so I leave my video light off and capture video with available light.  The smaller sharks spook and gently swim away as the large shark takes there spot.  I get the video as the smaller sharks circle in front of me and return to their resting place.  I am thrilled to get the video and follow up with some still shots.  What I thought was going to be an uneventful dive finishes with a big smile on my face.  Little did I know the second dive would make this one fall from the list of good dives as it is replace by an awesome  dive.
To make it short, the second dive finished with a manta ray and dophins circling to everyones delight.  The crew said it was a good spot, and I am happy to report they are right.
Thank for a great day Socorro and Nautilus Explorer crew.  🙂

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