Mermen in Socorro!!

The crew of the Belle Amie has agreed to keep my secret and not reveal my true merman identity. In return I have agreed to stay in my human form even in the water. I am still forbidden from going to the blue but my day will I will show them!!!
Scales be damned we were graced all day by many mantas throughout Cabo Pearce. The liars on board claim the Dolphins came and played around them however I am dubious that it was not more than a mere drive by…… ok ok I am just jealous that I was on the skiff when they came to play.
The trip as a whole has been a huge privilege. I know things at home in the USA are a much more volatile and I am grateful every day that life in the sea is a gift. I don’t dare forget that we are extremely fortunate to be so cared for by a dedicated and passionate crew. The Belle Amie is full of a bunch of great guests and most of them are photographers. I have spent a good portion of my dives watching them practice and enjoy their craft and of course begging for throw away pictures. Mermen do not have money so buying prize photos will have to wait till pay day. I hope they accept Conch shells and pearls.
Another beautiful day and away we go to the boiler.

By Nautilus Staff

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