I guess it started raining but who cares….

Mantas and Galapagos sharks, followed by Wahoo, Jacks, and Mexican hogfish oh plenty.  Dive after dive, I am enjoying Roca Partida.  I guess it started raining but who cares.  The water is fine and the fish are fabulous.  The conditions are proving that this trip is best suited for advance divers, or those who want to become advanced in a single day.  Four dives of current, surge, and great big blue water is enough to challenge the best.  The groups continue to change as divers are worn out or find another reason to miss a dive and we re-arrange the number of divers per group.  I haven’t heard anyone say they haven’t gotten a great opportunity to get the photo or video they came hoping to get.  Just when you think the dive is over, something comes along to tease you back into the action.  This is the fourth day of diving and I am sure this trip will rank near the top of my twenty year list of great diving.
Just living the life 🙂

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