Not just the big ones!

Another great sunrise peaking thru the clouds as divers start to rise for day 3 of diving, we’ve anchored at one of the crowd favorites, Roca Partida.  Slight swell from the North East with a light wind from the north and water temp reaching 25C at mid day.  During the morning dives we had an early appearance from a small pod of dolphins, maybe 10-15.  They were playful for a few minutes then decided us divers weren’t as interesting as they first thought.  Throughout the day it was manta mania, not even joking when I tell everyone we had 4-5 mantas twirling and flipping above our bubbles on each and every dive 🙂  By 2 pm the wind had dropped out and the swell had moved on making for some ideal conditions here at Roca Partida, super relaxed dives , enabling divers to get nice and close to the sea mount to inspect cracks and crevasses for little critters and not just the big ones!
Vis up to 30 meters, awesome interactions schooling hammerheads make for happy divers 🙂  looking forward to tomorrow.

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