Adios Roca

Our 3rd and final day of the season at roca started off great, schooling hammerheads right on schedule.. The lighting was dim but the great visibility made their dark silouettes a little bit easier to spot as some juvenile sharks were curious and made some very close passes.  The guests were very excited!  Throughout the entire day we had hammerhead action out in the blue, and for those whom rather stay close to the sea mount had plenty of shark action as well. your friendly neighborhood white tips of course, but today was different. Many Large galapagos reef sharks, sometimes 8 sometimes up to 12 were circling both the north and south tip of the rock. )  hard to say, some of them over 3m in length cruised gracefully around the seamount. Another thing that made today stand out from the rest was the schooling Skip jacks out in the blue, maybe only 30-40 meters from the rock…If i had to guess I would say somewhere between 3000-4000 fish. Slowly being hunter from below by frisky silky sharks and Massive yellow fin tuna! Such a great few days of diving at the rock, seas reaching 27C , almost the calmest I’ve ever seen and vis didn’t let us down once (:
Thanks again Roca, Always A winner…
But until next season,

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