Meeting a famous hollywood movie star would be considerably less thrilling…

I didnt quite know what to expect going into my first guad season as there was soo much hype and excitement from everyone I was thinking ” I hope this is as good as everyone keeps saying……” After some serious hustle in the shipyard from the Nautilus team the sisters were ready to go back to the shark capital off Mexico. When you arrive at Guadalupe it is seriously like pulling up to jurassic park. This looming island 150nm offshore with a perpetual mistcloud that rolls over the tiops and stops at a few hundred meters due to the temperature change. like an endless cloud waterfall. The island gets some precipitation from the clouds which gather around sometimes and from trip to trip can vary between dry black and red rock with arid soil from lush green shrubs and mosses. The you hear the cries from the seals on the beach. These seals in my opinion are the most hardcore seals on the planet…….. You chose to live here why??? I guess the ones that are born on the island dont have a choice but man oh man what a place to come up in life. Surrounded by the largest sharks on earth whose palate favors almost entirely, seals. You hear the squeals and whimpers of the seals on the beach as if they are saying ” help us out here man!” “get us off this island!” Cages start getting ready in the morning and some guests will literally reconsider their reasoning on why they came and are scared beyond belief once they see a stretch limo sized great white slowly drive by the stern. after the first submersion thats all it takes. You are now hooked. Its what happened with me. I was looking and waiting and wondering where the sharks are. Then you become engulfed in a cloud of tuna blood and turn to see a 14ft’er 2 ft away from you and no kidding they are smiling. The sun on shark skin is indescribable. The rays will sliver down and catch the skin and it is a mesmerizing silver which you can only see to understood fully. Looking straight into the black eye of a great white penetrates your soul. There is soo much fear and respect with the sharks. The realization of the power and force they can put out if they want to. on the other hand you feel bad for the horrible reputation they have not earned, but been given as being man eating killers and so on. Ive been within inches of these amazing creatures and they are the opposite of aggressive. They are sleek, calculated and unbelievably nimble and fast for their size and weight. They are truly the most impressive beings ive ever encountered. It is a truly unique and humbling experience to share their space for only a brief moment in time, a memory is created that will never leave you as long as you will live. I bet meeting a famous hollywood movie star would be considerably less thrilling then simply being 20 ft away from the bus sized sea legend which is the Great white. I am extremely exited to be coming back a second season. I consider myself lucky to be able to do it, as only a few thousand people per year get a chance to experience the awesomeness which is Guadalupe shark season. Also being Captain on a newly refitted and kitted Yacht for the season isnt hard to handle either. Sometimes when I tell people what I do for work they dont even believe it. then I tell them to check the website and they usually end up booking a trip. Its Bananas. If you havent been and are thinking about a trip with Nautilus I will share something with you. I only became certified to dive AFTER I started working at Nautilus. Being under the water with the countless amazing sea creatures of all shapes and sizes changes everything. Its is world class diving. Time and time again, people with thousands of dives tell me this is the Mecca. Since Ive been with Nautilus I’ve had the pleasure of dancing with the graceful elegant Mantas of the socorros, swam face to face with massive whale sharks juvenile humpacks.  Been tempted by playful dolphins to descend deeper than I should and seen fridge sized tuna flash passed me, Swam in the dark with sharks, and seen countless varieties of fish teaming in the thousands. But my favorite experience of them all……… Being close to the Great white sharks of Guadalupe. It is something you have to see to believe.

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