Toothy Smiles

After repairing a dryer,spending a couple of hours around the Explorer assessing different systems pre refit, getting the much needed wifi up and running. I managed to squeeze in a quick last dive for the whole season in the fantastic waters at Roca Partida, Hammerheads, giant Lobster and todays favorite for me a baby white tip shark my thoughts drifted away to the up coming season with our magnificent friends,the Whites. Nothing compares to the immense presence of these magnificent sharks………….Look forward to the chillier waters and the warm toothy smiles……..

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notdosomesticated July 25, 2012 It wasn’t Fat Bike, but we had heard about that one! I forget what it was called, but we really enjoyed it. We went on Royal Caribbean, and the boat was Liberty of the Seas. It was awesome!

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