I feel priviledged

I feel priviledged.  Wonderful diverse sites. Sharks and Giant Mantas, lobsters and octopi.  Good visibility except one “milk dive” in el cañon which helped develop one’s compass skills.  Dancing with the mantas was like waltzing with the prettiest lady and best dancer at the ball.  Wow.  Sad too, as I will likely never experience such a thing again and most people never will.
No dive trip is complete without eating.  Diving uses many calories and Kiki supplied them.  Not only in quantity, but also in quality and selection.  Seemingly without effort he accommodated several folks with dietary restrictions, different tastes with a smile and excellent preparation.  We had salad that was crisp and seemed fresh everyday and we are a long way from any super market. Beef and fish were cooked to perfection and to individual tastes and the pasta was never under or over done.  Every meal offered two or three choices so that one could always find something suitable and good.
Not surprisingly, the bar is well stocked. No serious drinkers on board but the beer and wine were well received.
Kudos to the entire crew.  For this amateur diver and exceptional trip.

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