Comment from Capt.Mike: Long Beach Shark Advisory

Comment from Captain Mike.
We just got back from the Scuba Show at Long Beach, California. It was a great show. Very busy. The most interesting part of the weekend were the rumours flying around that 10 – 12 juvenile great white sharks had been spotted swimming off Long Beach!! Wow! Great stuff as long as everyone stays calm and nobody tries to hurt our part sharks. “stay calm. love a shark”. I haven’t been able to find any information yet on the size of these particular juveniles. I’m hoping that they are 5 – 6 feet which would put them at new borns. Brand new babies!! I’m just musing outloud but 10 – 20 new born great white sharks off Long Beach could indicate a nursery somewhere nearby. We know for sure that pregnant females head inshore to pup in May and June. The juveniles’ teeth are quite soft and to survive, they have to prey on fish and crustaceans and such in in-shore waters. Gotta love drones and all the additional eyes in the skies these days.. I just wish they had a measuring tape. ,

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