Note from Capt. Mike: Returning to Cold Water?

Note from Captain Mike. I am often asked if we are ever going to resume running dive trips in British Columbia and Alaska. The obvious answer is that YES, we would love to!! I spent 20 plus years exploring the pacific coast from Cape Flattery in Washington State to Glacier Bay and Juneau. I still dream about the diving. I still miss the diving. I would sign up for a trip on somebody else’s liveaboard in a heartbeat except that there is no such thing any more. The sad truth is that our detailed knowledge of hundreds and hundreds of dive sites is slowly ebbing away. The following beautiful video by our talented friend, Alexander Benedik, made my eyes damp and leaky for some d*mn reason. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Safe diving.
And here’s to figuring out a way to revisit our favourite BC and Alaska dive sites.

Featured image and video by Alexander Benedik.

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