Comment from Capt. Mike: Top of the Food Chain?

It’s sad any time an animal dies.
But sometimes it is also an opportunity. The folks at Marine Dynamics in South Africa, our partners in Global Shark Diving, participated in a very interesting collaborative necropsy on several great white sharks that washed up on the African shoreline. One of their conclusions? Orcas (killer whales) might be biting a hole between the pectoral fins of great white sharks to allow the sharks’ buoyant livers to float free and provide a high protein feast for the orcas!
Note : Global Shark Diving is a collaboration that recognizes and supports the very best and most responsible shark tourism operators around the world. Each operator must demonstrate a significant and measurable contribution to conservation. GSD’s independent ambassadors include Howard and Michelle Hall and Douglas Seifert.
Comment from Captain Mike
Article and image from Michelle Jewell, Marine Dynamics, Earth Touch

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