Wish me good luck to find the hammerheads

After a great time off is great to be back in action at Socorros! We did our first dive at Las Cuevitas, it was very calm, no current, no surge and our dives was available to check there gear and do a very comfortable dive.  so much Lobster, Octopus and we did see a school skip jacks, like 10 sting rays and of course 2 Pacific Giant Manta, then we move to the boyler for our second dive and well the dives were so good that we desider do the other 3 dives there and  finish the day  here, we did see many octopus, 3 mantas dancing the hole dive, we get and overdoes of manta…. we are moving to Roca Partida tonight… i will let you know how is it tomorrow.. wish me good luck to find the hammerheads

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