Crew & Guest Blog – Roca Partida adventures!

WOO!! What a day at Roca Partida! First dive we dropped on the east side looking for some hammerheads. One came around to say “hi”, swimming around the divers. We continued our dive towards the north point, which today was impressive – getting too much MANTA LOVE! First dive we had 4 mantas dancing around the north-west point when suddenly we heard some dolphins getting close, and boom! Dolphins, mantas, and sharks were our view at that moment, everyone was stoked! To end our amazing manta day, in the fourth dive we had 3 mantas dancing and feeding around us for around 45 minutes. All the divers were amazed by the show they put for us, what a day at the best rock in the world, ROCA PARTIDA!
DM Sergio Gonzalez, Costa Rica
Roca Partida 3 Days! Blue water, mantas, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, sharks – galapagos, hammerhead, silky, white tip, all coming to visit us and an amazing crew that work together seamlessly to make it happen! Cannot ask for a more awesome trip!
Michelle Manson, California
Tunas, tunas, and more tunas please! The east side of the famous Roca Partida has given us the impression of being in a giant bait ball on our last dive of the day. The fish were not balling but there were thousands, the silky sharks were circling us and hordes of tunas were in hunting mode. So much action! Our group was the only one on the east side, and in sharing our respective experience with the other groups, we realized they also had one of the best dives on the west side dancing with several Giant Pacific Manta Rays the entire time. I just love the diversity of marine creatures around this rock.
We also had friendly bottlenose dolphins 3 times this week on different dive sites. Now on our way to Sea of Cortez to dive with sea lions. To be continued…
DM Eline, France

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