Captain Mike's blog for World Ocean Day

Today – June 8, 2017 – is World Oceans Day which we hope will be a global day of ocean celebration and collaboration for the future.
Here at Nautilus Liveaboards we are celebrating by going diving!!   Regrettably I won’t be in the water until tomorrow but can’t wait to do a cold-water drysuit dive on Friday off the beach up here British Columbia.   Collaboration for the future is vital and we will be releasing exciting news tomorrow on a Nautilus Foundation project to shout out for the sharks.  The 70 million sharks slaughtered each year can’t ask for help.   So a large group of divers are going to make their best effort to do it for them.   Hint.  hint.   the stupidity of the new-release Hollywood film “47 meters is going to help us make our point!!
Good news to report  regarding the 14 foot great white shark that grounded on a sandbar in the Sea of Cortes last month with a big gash behind his dorsal fin.   The injury looked like a strike from a boat propeller and was deep and bloody.   The thing about great whites is that they are remarkably tough and having amazing recuperative powers and an impressive immune system.   They are able to withstand bites and scratches and injuries sustained during mating, hunting prey and fighting for dominance. A story has been floating around for years about a big male shark in Africa that looked like he had almost been cut in half by a propellor but survived.  It seems that as long as the shark’s vertebrae have not been damaged, the shark has a decent chance of surviving.  I remember seeing a big 15 footer at Guadalupe Island one year that was  really torn up around it’s gills..  It was like “WOW”, I hope he survives.    Sure enough, we saw the same guy the next year and most of the injury had healed over.   You can see this shark in the video “diving with great white sharks”  – the second video down on the right hand side :    The shark was last spotted in the same area on May 29th.  go shark go!!  We are keeping our fingers crossed that the fishermen don’t get him.
“entertaining” footage of the poor shark following :
dive safe
and let’s shout out for the sharks
Captain Mike

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