Guadalupe Shark Superstars

This week in Guadalupe was made even more special with the presence of Dr. Mauricio de Hoyos, one of the most important Great White Shark researchers, who kindly provide our guests some very interesting presentations about these fabulous animals, and about the research program conducted in Guadalupe. We also had the presence of the CONAMP director, who introduced us to the new park regulations for the upcoming seasons. Sharks were full on during the whole trip, and we were able to ID 5 different sharks: Kenric, Droguin, Johnny, Champy, and The Joker.
Kenric is a very docile shark! We are on our 3rd trip on the season and he has been a superstar around the cages the whole time. The guests are having the best time with this great white. He is a mature shark, about 10ft long and he knows the cages very well, being able to come very close and inspect our guests, face to face. He is very curious, very shy with the other sharks, and also very gentle towards the divers. On our third trip guests were already screaming his name on the deck: “Here comes Kenric again!!”. Hope to have this guy around our Nautilus Belle Amie during our whole season.
– DM Felipe

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