Great whites, plus bonus marine life

Have had an amazing trip and will be sorry to be going home. It has been so much more than I had hoped – incredible shark sightings, great food, incredible crew. I had dreamed of doing this over a decade and absolutely no regrets, worth every penny. Truly unforgettable vacation.
– Diana, Victoria, Canada

We had a spectacular time on our trip to Guadalupe Island on the Belle Amie. The setup was perfect for experiencing diving with great white sharks. We saw so many excellent varieties as well as the bonus sea lions, turtle, and swarms of fish. However, what really made the trip stand out was the knowledgeable, helpful, entertaining, and genuine crew! The food, accommodations, and equipment was all above expectations too. Really we could not have asked for a better experience. THANK YOU!
– Steve

Had a fantastic time on this trip. over our three drays we saw no less than 3 sharks on any one dive (15 total dives!). sharks came very close to the cage without being aggressive, and we got to see other marine life, as well (turtles, seals, sea lions,etc.). Staff was phenomenal. Jorge and Silvia ensure that you receive top notch service. When you come up from a dive, one of them is on deck with hot drink and snacks. Captain in constant communication with guests. Dive instructors extremely personable and knowledgeable, and there is more than enough dive time for all guests. Guests are entertained after diving hours with shark identification activities and movies. Boat and guest quarters in great condition, and food served was excellent. Trip exceeded expectations in all aspects. Would highly recommend.
– Mark and Hayley Dougherty

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