Great Whites: circling, eating, diving, surfacing

Incredible experience. Good food, good people, great staff and unbelievable Great Whites. I went down a total of 12 times and saw a “Chark” on every dive. We usually saw two to four per dive. It was an incredible experience and one more thing to check off the bucket list. Although, I’m sure I will be coming back again some day.
– Jeff Young

Fantastic trip. A++. As I sit down to type this the sounds of the wranglers yelling “SHARK!!” echo from the back deck. I saw at least one great white each dive, and often multiple…circling, eating, diving, surfacing. As great as the diving and the sharks were, the service and staff were even better. Very comfortable quarters, fresh sheets and towels every day, and so much good food! A big thank you to all the staff and particularly to Felipe for the delicious meals and Anna for always being there with exactly what you need. I hope to come back again someday.
– Jon Nykvist

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