Greetings from the magnificent chevron mantas

After fighting some surge the day before, the waters cleared and we were greeted by a magnificent Chevron Manta on the way down. The sight was awe-inspiring. It was the first time I had seen such a huge marine animal, and it was so close under me, gracefully flying through the water. It was an experience that made the entire trip worthwhile (and only on the second day of diving). The words fail to describe how magnificent it was; I almost forgot to equalize and breathe.
Two other mantas eventually made their appearance in my line of sight and I even had to be pulled down to give one the right of way so that it could enjoy our bubbles on its belly. The reef was extremely active with all sorts of cleaning fish buzzing about, but it was hard to take our eyes off the graceful spectacle of the mantas.
On the second dive of the day, some playful dolphins came to say hello and it was a visual feast for everyone. Every diver I saw came back from those dives smiling broadly and with a newfound energy.
– Mélissa Sabourin,
Toronto, Canada

By Nautilus Staff

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