Eye-to-eye with the giant mantas

As a 79 year old diver this is my 5th liveaboard experience…I have dived with Sea Lions, Dolphins, 46 ft Whale Sharks but my all time favourite dives are in the Revillagigedo with the 12 to 16 ft span, 500 lb Giant Manta!
This was my second trip to this area and I was NOT disappointed. OK so young juvenile Sea Lions are fun, Dolphins check you out and then move on are exciting. Whale sharks are totally awesome and after diving with them in the Galapagos I could have hung up my fins and called it a day. But for the fact nothing beats looking a Giant Manta in the eye and having him or her return to check you out. My dive master, Rodolfo of Nautilus, had a real knack of being in the right spot at the right time. On this trip we had two five star dives where we were able to play with three Giant Mantas for about 20 minutes each time. We had many four star dives with the Giant Mantas, Dolphins and on one occasion a Whale Shark.
If you dive for fun, Giant Mantas are the playmates to dive with and Socorro is the place to dive.
– Christopher Hope,
Toronto, Canada

By Nautilus Staff

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