The etherial chevron mantas

My favourite dive site was the Boiler. Possibly the greatest experience of my life happened here on our second dive of the day at this unique location. While scanning the blue, I saw a spectacular Chevron Manta approach me silhouetted by the sun, moving gracefully towards me 10 metres below the surface. I watched this beautiful and large animal get closer. The Manta drifted towards me effortlessly and paused for a moment as the fish cleaned its body. The manta was now within arms reach and the eyes of this sublime creature met mine. I will never forget this moment. I grabbed my second regulator and washed the belly of the manta with bubbles. I floated underneath him for what felt like an eternity. I saw every detail, every unique colour pattern. With one smooth, slow movement of its wings, the Manta waved goodbye. So close that I could feel the water moving around me. My eyes welled up with tears and my hands and feet started to shake from the overwhelming moment. The manta circled the area, with several other mantas, and I watched the magical creature visit every other diver. Being so close to such ethereal animals is incredible. Socorro provided moments like this one nearly every minute of every dive. I will remember these animals for the rest of my life.
– Steve Ferguson, Vancouver Island, Canada

By Nautilus Staff

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