Accompanied by dolphins & mantas

I had the best dive EVER this morning in San Benedicto, El Boiler! As soon as we touched the water surface we saw a group of dolphins which came to greet us. They were diving around and underneath, playing with us and being very friendly. I am passionate about dolphins, they are my favourite animals, so I have no words to describe what I felt! They accompanied us during the whole dive and came to say hi every once in a while, as if they wanted to say “Hey, I’m still here?” After a few minutes, as if that wasn’t enough, a giant manta appeared from the blue! I was speechless…she kept on coming back, circling around and over us, enjoying our bubbles, so close that you could touch her! I am ecstatic!
Thank you Pato for the great dive and this experience! He was my dive master today and he kept showing me all these beautiful things! On this note, I must say that I came on this boat with only four dives and the PADI open water, well…all the guys took good care of me, I was never left alone, never felt uncomfortable or scared! They were always there, helping me to make this adventure unbelievable…Muchas Gracias!
– Dominique Pigliapoco

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