The Boiler always has more in store

I will never forget the first day of diving of this trip: jumping in the boiler, we spent our first dive with a family of curious dolphins, and finished it with 5 mantas swimming all around us. Divers were amazed, everybody cheering as we went out of the water, saying that the trip was starting pretty well…they did not know the Boiler had more surprises for them! on the second dive, we jumped in and found our friendly dolphins again, then we swam out in the blue to find ourselves face to face with a juvenile whale shark! This gentle giant of 6 meters, the friendliest of all sharks, was cruising around the rock and we met him twice during that dive. Back to the boat with even bigger smiles (if that was possible). One of our guest was so happy to see a whale shark for the first time underwater, the tears of emotions and joy were flowing. And that was not finished!
On our 3rd dive, the divers challenged the divemaster team to find them something more, thinking the boiler had given it all already…but then they appeared: a school of 20 hammerhead sharks swam in circles just under our fins about 15min in our dive. And we finished along the rock, playing with some giant mantas. That is a magical day that makes me love so much this place, the archipelago of revillagigedo.
– Divemaster Yann

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