Dive Report, Nautilus Undersea November 30th 2019

The first day in Socorro Island was great. We did the first two dives in Cabo Pearce, where we saw two chevron mantas and one black manta. A couple of hammerhead sharks and some silver tips here and there. Two of our divers came super excited because they saw a Tiger shark about four meters long!!!

The third dive was in Punta Tosca, after Navy Base Inspection. In Tosca was an easy dive with mild current and lots of fish, couple of silver tip sharks and a Galapagos shark. One black manta at the end of the dive while we were doing safety top.
To end the day we did the silky snorkel. We saw up to seven silkies swimming around us. Our guest were having so much fun traying to spot the sharks in the water.

Divemaster Pablo, Nautilus Undersea

By Nautilus Crew

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