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Our trip highlights included seeing the giant Mantas close up, playing with a large pod of dolphins and swimming in the shark aquarium at Roca Partida.
It’s hard to describe the majesty of the giant mantas as they soar above you and around you in the water. Our favorite was a large black manta we encountered a couple of times at the Boiler. We are lucky to have experienced this in our lifetime.
The dolphins we encountered on our second day of diving, hung with us for 15 mins, posing for our cameras and laughing as they swum around us. Again a once in a lifetime experience.
The only way you can describe Roca Partida is a shark aquarium on steroids! Each dive we did at this site was abundant in sealife. Monster lobsters, moray eels, white tipped sharks piled on top of each other on supermarket shelves, vortices of Jack fish and rogue hammer heads in the blue.
Thank you to the Captain and the crew on the Nautilus UnderSea. You are all true professionals. We have had a magic experience.

Sue and John, Australians from London

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