Dive Report, Nautilus Belle Amie December 4th 2019

First day of the trip. And what a day it was. We did the first dive at Las Cuevitas of San Benedicto Island. The diveside had some good conditions for a checkout dive. After the checkout we moved over to the Boiler, my favorite dive site of Revillagigedo (Socorro Islands). Wow, we had some great dives there. On the second dive of the day we had four Chevron Mantas and a small pod of Dolphins. The third dive of the day was all about sharks, we did see two Mantas. However the main attraction were the sharks. We had a couple of big Galapagos sharks lots of Whitetips, a Hammerhead and to make it complete we had a Tiger shark casually cruising around. At one point it came close so we could have a good look at it. What an incredible day! I hope to be able to get back to the Boiler soon…

Divemaster Stein, Nautilus Belle Amie

By Nautilus Crew

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