Guest Blog, Nautilus Belle Amie 2019-12-07

A good friend of mine organized the trip from Mauritius. We came a long way and it was well worth the effort, time and money. The diving sites are diverse and uniquely exceptional. The sharks and Mantas were at the majority of the sites and in abundance. Dolphins come very close to engage in some fun. I was taken aback by the Manta; had not realised they had self-awareness. That is a unique experience.

These rare life experiences, observing and being observed by our fellow water beings of the planet was gracefully enhanced by a team and crew that one can only dream about. The competence, smiles and service could make one forget the constant oversight to ensure security and comfort. This provided me with peace of mind at every moment.
I would like to congratulate and thank everyone for this experience.

Grant Ramnauth, Mauritius

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