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The Boiler is one of our star dive sites on the South of San Benedicto Island. It happens to be the fantastic last day to a great trip. Today we encounter little current and after already some days of diving everybody enjoys the relaxed dives. Also, there is not much point swimming lots as the animals tend to come to us on this site. On the first dive we had a pod of 12 Bottlenose Dolphins swimming around us for half the dive and on the later dives we had 1 Black and 2 Chevron Giant Mantas circling us. During the whole dive!! On the second dive I literally didn’t move more than 30 meters away from the entry point!! And after the dive each diver is persuaded that the mantas were specifically swimming towards them many more times than to the other divers. These magical creatures really have the power to make all divers feel special!! When they are around each diver gets hypnotized by them forgetting completely about the world around them!!

Divemaster Jessie, Nautilus Explorer

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