Guest Blog, Nautilus Explorer 2019/12/19

We are on our way back to Los Cabos after a fantastic journey at Revillagigedo. Since day one of the trip, everything was well organized and neet. Meals, dive deck, bedrooms, everything. After sailing, we finally reached San Benedicto, where the fun really began. Our first dive at Fundeadero had mantas, many sharks, and a group of dolphins. One of them danced in front of Paula for quite of while. We did the next 3 dives in El Canyon, where the fun and the mantas kept on going. We moved to Socorro island for the second day of dives… it was really good too. At the end of the day, we got the chance to go snorkling with silky sharks. What an experience, all those beautiful animals swimming half of meter of you. Mantas and hammerheads for our fun. Sailed back to San Benedicto to meet El Boiler. What a site. Dolphins, mantas and sharks… and a lot of life. Sea condition allowed us to enjoy the top of the structure, only 5 meters from the surface. So many different reef fishes. What a amazing diving trip. Our thanks to the crew!

Paula and Marcelo Santos, Brazil

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