Dive Report, Nautilus Belle Amie

Starting the diving day with this really nice brazilian divers making a check out dive from the back deck with no expectations but they were asking to find all the animals, we just jumped from into the water and drift down to the Fondeadero while we have the hole dive with mantas. They were amazed about their first dive beside many sharks also. Now they were expecting even more fore the next dive and one of the divers really wanted to see a tiger shark so we crossed our fingers on the way to the Canyon and on the minute 40 of the dive while floating as the last dive at 90 feet underwater a great tiger shark just passed in front of us. I was shaking hands with the divers underwater as a great moment we got this morning, everything was happening fair well.

Divemaster Martin, Nautilus Belle Amie

By Nautilus Crew

Recent blogs and dive reports from the crew onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard's vessels.

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