Guest Blog, Nautilus Explorer 2020/01/08

We dove around Roca Partida, and could see the gorgeous wall reaching up to just a little bit above the surface. At first we were passing through a surge and saw a few solo sharks swimming around slowly. After passing trough the strongest surge, we could see many nooks. Some of these little caves went much deeper than others, and in the deeper ones you could see many sharks lying on the bottom of those caves. Some of these caves had up to ten sharks They were swishing their tails in the slight swell and looked quite comical opening and shutting their mouths over and over so they could breathe. One such cave has three or four very big lobsters that almost seemed to be guarding the sleeping sharks. We saw giant schools of fish all drifting around together, with some exceptionally big tuna swimming through them. Other groups saw hammerheads but unfortunately my group did not. We saw tons of different types of fish, and had a blast underwater.

Bridget Callaghan, U.S.A.

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