Dive Report, Nautilus Explorer

We jumped in at the Canyon and had a strong current bringing in crystal clear water from the East. As we got to the sites hot spot we all held on to a rock at about 25meters and observed the action. Many jack fish, Galapagos and silvertip sharks were cruising close over the reef to also protect themselves from the current and out of nowhere a big bottlenose dolphin zoomed in starting to hunt and eat a few jacks. He was so quick and smart taking advantage of the difficult conditions created for the jacks, the poor guys didn’t even know what was happening to them!! The dolphin was cruising fast between divers and rocks with immense agility.

After that spectacle we look up and a whole school of about 50 Hammerhead sharks passes right over us!! It was just a crazy and adrenalinstart packing!! I hope all our encounters this year will be as mind-blowing!!

Divemaster Jessie, Nautilus Explorer

By Nautilus Crew

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