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Beautiful day on the Nautilus Undersea! 2 dives done at Punta Tosca today. The first dive was relaxing and full of life. One shy manta did a drive by, but must have decided he needed to go tell his friends we were there because the second dive was spectacular with mantas! Descended 20 feet down and turned around to be met by an enormous chevron manta ray. Squeals emitted from my regulator as I attempted to get everyone’s attention. It was an incredible experience to be so close to this huge majestic creature. Looking into its eyes while it stares back curiously. After the first manta went on its way we continued our dive . Halfway through we were met with at least 5 other mantas, both chevron and black. There we finished off our dive bobbing and floating while mantas surrounded us. Best dive ever!

Chelsi Gress, Anacortes, WA

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