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Started the day off at “the boiler”. Dive one gave us good views of multiple mantas. Great way to start the day. Dive two was a little bit more relaxed. Had a manta come by at the beginning, but move off after saying hi, then did some swimming around looking at the sights for a bit. The end of the second dive gave us a gigantic female manta that was determined to show off for us. She even did a graceful somersault for us. After the second dive we motored back to San Benedicto and did our last dive of the trip at “the canyon. An octopus, moray eel, and multiple sharks entertained us for most of the dive. The highlight came when a black and chevron manta came our way while we were all focused on the shark activity. A third manta joined the gang and we had an amazing time watching them watch us. A hammerhead sighting was icing on the cake for our final dive. We were serenaded throughout the whole dive by a whale singing their song. So amazing!

-Chelsi Gress, Anacortes, WA

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