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During the 3 seasons I have been in Revillagigedo, every island and dive site had been changing in its natural dynamic, specially the Canyon in San Benedicto has just keep getting better and better making it one of those magic places the only here you can experience. Dropping close by Manta rock and gently drifting with the current towards the receiver you better always keep an eye on the blue , because you might get to see a school of hammerheads of more than 50 individuals, and not just once, but 3 times in the same dive. But the dive wasn’t only about schooling fish, at the receiver more than 30 shark were patrolling the cleaning station, Galapagos sharks, Silkies, white tips and silver tips and a few black tips. Meanwhile some other hammerhead in a solo cruise will be passing closing enough for a fish eye lens shot! If it wasn’t enough the rock star of the island made its presence, a big female chevron arrived at the cleaning station and why not playing for few minutes with diver’s bubbles? This was only a dive in San Benedicto, all this only happened in 50 minutes!

Divemaster Mirko, Nautilus Explorer

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