Dive Report, Nautilus Belle Amie

Today we were at San Benedicto and the first day of diving on this trip. We split our dives between two sites doing two at the Canyon and two at Lava flow! Every dive produced hammerheads with schools of up to 100+ seen. Mantas were also seen on every dive and Hector (Happy) Divemaster claims to have seen 7 different ones in one dive! For me I did have three circling me at the same time on one dive and saw many pairs and countless interactions throughout the day!

The cleaning station at Canyon was on fire loads of Silvertips, massive Galapagos, Oceanic blacktip sharks and Mantas as well as a couple of Hammerheads just off the drop off! But the biggest surprise was the tigers! Three completely separate sightings at the different sites and some quite close measuring 3m+!
Other critters were everywhere but with so much mega fauna it was hard to keep our eyes on the reef! Visibility very nice all day and super warm water at 26C made for an epic day! Tacos for dinner wasn’t too bad either and we have Roca Partida tomorrow!

Divemaster Martyn, Nautilus Belle Amie

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