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I have been diving on many boats and liveaboards, but these one was really beyond expectations. Beginning with the above board staff and ending with the captain, I felt not only welcomed but pampered in every possible way. Divemasters were all lovely, professional and really welcoming right from the start. Dives were all from excellent to awesome, the encounters with tiger sharks, hammerheads, galapagos sharks and the loads of white tips were stunning, not to mention the giant mantas and the dolphins, were stunning.

Moreover, my son who is not a scuba diver has had the opportunity to go freediving and snorkeling in this amazing national park always being under the protection of at least one Divemaster. And when he lost his gopro with the housing in front of the boat the Captain sent the divemasters searching for it. Therefore let me express all my gratitude to Captain Lowell for taking care of the both of us in such a lovely way!
Particular mention also for Osa, who took care of every single need we might have had, and for Poncho who along with Osa took care of my dietary restrictions always cooking excellent dishes! Thank you guys, see you around!

Amanda – Livorno, Italy.

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