Guest Blog, Nautilus Explorer 2020/02/16

My first MAJESTIC SEA FLAP FLAP moment with an amazing Black Manta Ray was absolutely breathtaking- literally! Most of the mantas up till this moment only perused our group from a distance. However, I would say this Black Manta had as much fun with us as we had with it. She swung her way around our group for a good 15-20 minutes giving everyone a little manta love. The moment the manta turned her wings toward me I could feel my heartbeat…. It was absolutely fascinating to see how easily she was able to come to a full stop right above me with such little movement of her massive being. As she was stopping 4ft right above me I turned on my back and had the most amazing “Manta Moment”. Just seeing how beautifully enormous she was up close is now engrained in TOP diving moments. I totally forgot I was videoing the moment and just enjoyed the few seconds of being that close to a ~9ft Black Manta in Cabo Pierce.

Jen – New Jersey

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