Dive report, Nautilus Belle Amie

The dive site canyon south side of San Benedicto island is our first stop in this voyage because it is a good shelter for anchoring and for our check up dive. We started early morning diving after a pre-breakfast at 6:30 am some fruit ,coffee, juice, homemade bread, cereal, etc. at 7:00 a briefing of the dive site and then go for fun, our first dive we went 60 ft down with a visibility of 40 ft, we start spotting Socorro lobsters getting back to their crevices after a long night eating outside, some moray eels swimming around then what we were diving for, sharks, silver tips sharks around the cleaning station unafraid of divers getting 2 to 3 ft close.It look that all the pelagic fishes had a meeting right here a big hammerhead approached then a chevron manta was curious and came by,school of jacks were suspended a little bit away from the cleaning station over us a school of bonitos passed following by a big yellow tuna it was unreal ,unfortunately we can only stay for a time in this amazing site we have to go to our safety stop and go back to get more gas in ours bottles to do it again. water temperature was 73 F, light to none current,visibility avg 40 ft.

Divemaster Pedro, Nautilus Belle Amie

By Nautilus Crew

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