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Roca Partida is an awesome dive site. On one dive we saw schools of Hammerhead Sharks, White Tip Sharks, several types of Jacks, Wahoo, Tuna and 4 or 5 Manta Rays. The other three dives were equally interesting. The seas were challenging to the divers riding the skiffs but everything was handled smoothly, even when one of our group forgot his mask. Rather than miss the dive, another skiff ran back to the Undersea Hunter and brought out his mask while we idled in the calmer waters behind the rocks. That is great customer services. Other dive operations would have said too bad. Rey, Juan and Pablo do a great job of leading the dives, finding the animals and getting us back to the boat. The skiff drivers do their best to smooth out the ride to and from the dive sites, and along with the deck crew get us on and off the boat. I am already figuring out when I can make a return trip

Bob West Cincinnati, Ohio

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