Dive Report, Nautilus Undersea March 2nd 2020

We had a very smooth crossing from Cabo San Lucas to Archipelago Revillagigedo and our first stop was Isla San Benedicto. As usual our first dive was a check out dive, we went to the Fondeadero, but the dive itself wasn’t usual at all. We hit the water and instantly 2 dolphins passed by to play with my divers… I thought to myself that this did already the dive… but it went better and better. After leaving the dolphins we saw White Tip sharks laying on the sea bottom and suddenly I watched into the blue as a shark silhouette appear a not so common silhouette… a juvenile Tiger sharks passed us pretty close, a beautiful animal with perfect shape, no scars and the sharp and clear stripes of a juvenile Tiger shark, it was mind-blowing, for my divers but also for me, I have to admit; I love those buggers! You want to say: it cant get any better? And I would normally answer, that was the perfect check dive… but Revi showed us how why its one of the top dive spots

on earth! after a little while with more White Tips and schools of Jacks we saw a Manta, a pretty interactive Manta that circled us for a little to disappear from where it came: the big blue! the dive was almost over and we did our safety stop with some silver Silky sharks… We surfaced yelling: YEEAAAAAARRRR!!! It was a blast of a check dive. One of my divers said it was his best dive ever and I just answered: Welcome to Revillagigedo! And that day brought more, for the next 3 dives we went to the Canyon and during those dives we saw that juvenile Tiger again and guess what: another bigger Tiger, approx 3 to 3,5 meters long, a good sized proper Tiger that passed us a couple of time in a distance of 6 to 7 meters, pretty close encounter with 2 Tigers. for some of my divers their first Tiger sharks ever and than twice at the same day. We also had some very playful Mantas again and of course the usual suspects at the cleaning stations: Sharks… White Tips, Galapagos, Silver Tips an
d some Silkies. My group and also the other groups were blown away by this first day. San Benedicto Rules!!! This first diving day can just have one perfect end: The famous Nautilus Taco Night. After chilling in the hot tub, checking their photos and videos or just enjoying themselves with a cold Mexican beer. We sat together, had some amazing tacos done by the awesome Undersea Hunter galley crew and talked about our first day and how impressed and happy everybody was and still is… What an amazing first day onboard the NUS, good vibes, happy day, happy guests, happy crew, happy me…

Divemaster Pascal, Nautilus Undersea

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