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Mention the Socorro Islands to a diver and it brings up the desire to go to there. To see the Manta Rays, the Hammerhead Sharks and everything else under the water. The Nautilus Belle Amie was the most pleasant surprise to this entire trip. The accommodations are fantastic, the meals are so good that you eagerly anticipate the next meal.
And the crew make everything so easy, it truly is concierge diving. Will I come back? Absolutely! Will I tell all my friends about how great this trip was? Yes, it has fulfilled a dream.

  • Steve

Our trip to Socorro was even greater than we expected. Great diving, a crew that takes care of everything you could possibly desire, on every dive we saw giant mantas, hammerhead sharks, and dozens of white tip sharks. Greatest hospitality, extraordinary food, warm drinks after every dive. I cannot imagine a better place to spend a week!

  • Barb

Unbelievable!!! Magical!!! Exceeds expectations!!! No diving I have ever done has compared with this trip to the Socorro Islands aboard the Nautilus Belle Amie. Giant mantas, dolphins, a huge school of hammerheads, and many other shark species. We are only on day 3 of diving and my wife and I cannot imagine a better way to spend a week. Great food and extremely friendly and caring staff highlight the entire experience. I want to come back before the trip is even over.

  • Gene

Second visit here in 4 yrs……….and its still amazing.The boat and crew run a tight efficient ship and makes it all 100 times better.The mantas oare like puppies and pose and play all day long with never a dull moment underwater.The couple of on board conservation and informational talks were great and packed with info to make it all make sense and along with what you see. Roca is def the highlight and this is a must see place.The 14–16ft mantas are just magical and you feel them fill your soul………..Book a trip!!!!!!! do it do it do it!!!!

  • Kevin Morrissey

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