Guest Blog, Nautilus Explorer 2020/03/04

The Socorro trip on the Nautilus has been terrific. The staff, the food, and the sites were all first-rate. I enjoyed seeing the hammerheads and the dolphins, as well as the smaller creatures, such as the nudis, the electric rays, and all the schools of fish. But my favorite, as probably everyone else’s, had to be those mantas! They converged on us, encircled us, and approached from above and below, in front of us and behind. It was captivating for us as divers, as the mantas slowly surrounded us. But I believe that the divers must have been captivating for them as well – with all our bubbles, flashing lights, and our flippers flapping…our relative clumsiness in the water as we watched the 360 degree panorama! Thanks for a wonderful experience.

Jay K. Loy, Pittsburgh, PA.

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