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After one month, I’m coming back to Revillagigedo national Park, again, yes like every month. This trip one guest asked me: Arturo, Aren’t you bored or tired to dive with mantas and sharks every day during the last 12 years?

But you know what. when I was diving in Roca Partida, the amazing blue there and the thousands of jacks, the really fat huge tunas, in addition at El Canon with more than 20 baby and juvenile silvertips, some huge Galapagos and the hammerheads… I thought… How could I be tired or bored about this? They are incredible animals, beautiful…. And then like 20 dolphins playing with us in Cabo Pearce and yesterday more than 7 mantas sharing the most relaxing and amazing moments with us…. After that I thinked, no, I’m not bored, actually I think I am the most lucky guy, and I have the fortune to stay here working and supporting the conservation of the wonderful Revillagigedo National Park. The most amazing Blue Room.

Divemaster Arturo, Nautilus Explorer

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