Dive report, Nautilus Belle Amie

The current is not strong today, the conditions look perfect. I need to find a good spot to wait for them to come to me. All these cleaner fish must be a good sign, they are waiting for a hard day of work. The mantas come here every day, and these tiny angelfish must be fast if they want to clean up these giant rays! Their wings, over 6 meters makes it easy for them to glide against the current and relax while the small ones do their job. There is something else these animals are looking for. We come here to see them, and they come here to see us. When you find a good player, you must then move slow, let them approach you, look them in their eyes and invite them for a swim. Let them guide their way towards you, don’t rush, don’t force them. For some reason they love our bubbles; maybe it’s like having a Massage on their belly, maybe its just the way they like to interact with us, like a chasing game. Some people believe it’s possible to talk to Manta Rays by using our arms and their cephalic fins. I believe that they are indeed calling for us to learn more about the ocean and pledging our support to protect their realm. What’s truly happening is that everyday they are suffering, closer and closer to extinction by the lines and hooks of unsustainable fisheries. If we don’t act fast, they are going to disappear. All we learned from them, all the moments, all will be in vain if we can’t protect them. I am privileged to see them every day, and to take people every day close to them, so they can see what I see, so they can love the way I love them, so they can dance with the Manta Rays! Once you meet the Giant Mantas of the Socorro Island, you become part of it. This is some of the biggest aggregations of Mantas in the world, we know almost thousands of mantas that call this place home. This is one of their last sanctuaries. And Roca Partida is one of my favorite places to swim close and personal with them!

Divemaster Felipe, Nautilus Belle Amie

By Nautilus Crew

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