Dive Report, Nautilus Belle Amie

I am driving the inflatable at Roca Partida, it is a beautiful day, swell is about 2-3feet and a mild current from the north east is bringing a consistent school of hammerheads in the north point. It is day 2 here at Roca Partida and many divers decide to jump one after another at the north point, to swim among the hammerheads again. I am dropping group number 2 when I see the blow of a whale, not a 100mts away from the point! I stop the engine and hope for the miracle: that the divers will see the whale underwater. All week long we have seen plenty of humpback whales around the islands, some have popped up very close to the inflatable as we were picking up divers, and we even had a nice show of breaching whales in cabo pearce and a calf and a mother swimming right up next to the Belle Amie as we were pulling into the bay of the navy base. But so far none to be seen underwater…so I waited with excitement, that the divers come back from the depth hopefully with the image of a swimming whale! And so did two of them: Luigi and his father Francesco! Happy as kids, they even snapped a video of the whale on their gopro and had one of the best moment in their life! the other divers? they were too busy looking for the hammerheads just 30 feet away from Luigi, and as big as a whale may be – 20 to 30 tons of weight for an average size of 40 feet – , well they are as silent as an eel when they glide through the water so luck and right timing is the key for this amazing encounter!

Divemaster Yann, Nautilus Belle Amie

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